Monday, February 7, 2011

Old Time Cowboys

I got this old time cowboy friend of mine. He is a feisty one. Cantankerous and at most times He aint nice to be around. But He is a what he is and he seen more cowboy ways then I ever will learn. He is retired now.... and has taken to livin in town. A small lil old place... close to all the convinces he can walk to. It's 1/2 a mile to anything he likes... like ice cream at the cafe. And the grocery story. He eats his food straight out of a can... without heating it up. This old cowpoke lived out in cow camps and ate just as he does now. He is use to it.
He talks alot about how things once were..... like the cost of gas... and he can't see a young couple making it these days....... He likes to talk about how he and his Dad use to come to town and how much it cost for gas or for the truck way back then. He will ask me once in awhile what a new truck costs now days. And he is aghast.
He talks about the weather alot too. And about them cows he worked. ... and the horses he rode. This old boy lived the Real West... 
I am blessed to know him... and I am blessed to hear about his glory days.  

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